If someone were to ask you to picture someone with Parkinson’s Disease, chances are you would picture someone 80-90 years old, frail with shaking hands.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and this year I was asked to be part of the Parkinson Society of BC’s campaign called “This is Parkinson’s”. This campaign is intended to change the perception of who has Parkinson’s, and how it affects them.

God has taught me so much through living with Him while having Parkinson’s Disease. Having Parkinson’s Disease has made me slow down and has changed the way I think about situations. Soon after my diagnosis in 2015, I began having panic attacks. At this same time I was learning about how important it is to protect my thoughts, and to have a positive perspective in situations. Through this, God has taught me to change in a new way by living centring my thoughts and actions on His word.

You can watch my short video here, and check out the other videos on the PSBC youtube channel.

More information from this campaign can be found at www.parkinson.bc.ca/this-is-parkinsons

For more information on Parkinson’s disease or any of PSBC’s programs, services and resources visit www.parkinson.bc.ca or call 1 800 668 3330.

Over the holidays I became obsessed with finding the perfect boho skater style dress. I came soo close to purchasing this one online from Free People , but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much.

Good thing I didn’t! A few days later I was in Old Navy and not only found this dress, but it was 50% off!

I’ve experimented pairing different statement pieces with this dress: burgundy tights (for a Christmas party), knee high socks, a cholker, and even ripped jeans (of course not all at once).

This afternoon we walked along White Rock Beach with a little fox named Henry James.

Our family all came together this weekend to celebrate the life of my husband’s Omi, Viktoria with a ‘K’. I’ve tried writing this paragraph over and over but am struggling to capture the amazing and respectable woman I’ve learnt Omi to be.

In the five years I knew her, I knew her to be positive and full of smiles – regardless of her situation. She would always care and ask about others, and be interested in what they had to say. She would often ask me, in her Russian/English accent “so, how is Justin really? Is he good to you?”

Our whole family laughed and cried together as stories and memories were shared. The following are just a few things I loved from what my in laws shared about our beloved Omi: The love she had for the Lord, each one of her family members, and her dear friends and how she would do anything for them without thinking of it as a sacrifice, is truly an inspiration. Nothing was off limits to talk about, and everything can be forgiven immediately. Omi lived extravagantly, and with nothing, but remained the same, and would be the first to say that those things don’t matter.

I am so grateful to have met this amazing woman, and to have learned so much more about her through family. I know that she has chosen to follow our Lord and is now in Paradise with her true love. (To see all pictures, click “continue reading” at the bottom of this post.)

If you live by God’s will then everything you want will come true too.

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